Script Tattoo California
Script Tattoo example on Chest with text Love Is Life
Script Tattoo example on Chest
"Count your blessings" Script Tattoo by chadeo1
Custom Lettering Tattoo by Joshuah Thee Heiretic
Ace of Spades Lettering Tattoo by 2Face-Tattoo
Stars Wings Tape Lettering Script Tattoo by 2Face-Tattoo
Bleach Script Tattoo by MzJekyl
Religious Script Tattoo by five-nineteen
"Family" Script Tattoo by TimeToTakeBack
No Lies, Just Love - Script Tattoo by FelicityCharlottex
Lettering Stone Design Tattoo by 2Face-Tattoo
Chicano flowers script tattoo by 2Face-Tattoo
Signature Letter Tattoo by 2Face-Tattoo
Chicano Script Latin Tatto by 2Face-Tattoo
Wicked One Script Tattoos by DULOWS-2319
Script Tattoos Forever by seanspoison
Script Tattoos Rebel by InkSlave84
Script Tattoos with Flowy Water by IAteAllMyPaste
It says in Latin, "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam" which in English translates to "I'll either find a way or make one." It's a rib piece, took about two hours. Love it!

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